Greetings from Cape Canaveral
We love our advertisers, but we're kicking them to the curb this month.
Making the world a bit better (while putting money in your pocket) is our current mission.
These conservative Republicans have a plan that even Democrats love.

If these two electric companies charge the same rate for power, which is cheaper for us all?
1. Level the playing field. Make polluters pay their true costs.
2. Give the money to us Americans.
3. Make foreign companies pay in America, and adjust for exports.
4. Eliminate carbon regulations. These conservatives love the idea.
If you agree, tell your Senators and Representative.

TwoPalms Weather
Current sky conditions at Patrick Air Force Base Current wind direction at Patrick Air Force Base


Wind 13 mph from the northeast (040°)

  Humidity:  83 %
  Visibility:  10.0 miles
  Pressure:  30.09 inches

Reported 29 minutes ago, at 16:58 ET, from Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach, FL.

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